Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA
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City of Wahkon

Coming from the Dakotah name for “spirit,” the city of Wahkon is the earliest settlement on Lake Mille Lacs, tucked along its beautiful south shore. Its history and modern conveniences are worth discovering on your next lake getaway.

The Always Booming Wahkon

Wahkon has the earliest settlement in the Lake Mille Lacs area, having its beginning in 1885. The word “Wahkon” is the Dakotah name for “spirit” and the railroad company adopted the name because the Indians knew Lake Mille Lacs as “Spirit Lake.” Wahkon was a typical “boom town” of the early days. 

The town became a rail terminal and the docking point for large logging company steamers that transported logs from all points around the lake. The community today is booming again with a revitalized Main Street, which includes a post office, convenience store, two bars, restaurants, craft, and gift shops. Several resorts are located in town and nearby. Wahkon has a City Park and boat launch facilities to serve tourists and visitors.

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