Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA
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Getting Prepared for your Lake mille Lacs trip

Not sure what to bring or how to plan for the weather? Check out these helpful tips and tricks to make your Lake Mille Lacs experience amazing without breaking the bank.

What to bring

Depending on what your Lake Mille Lacs getaway is, there can be a variety of things to bring to the lake. However, we’ve identified some of the most common trip essentials for your next adventure. 

Starting with gear, whether you have fishing, hiking, biking, ATVing, kiteboarding, or just beach days planned, make sure you bring the proper gear to the lake. But no worries! If you forget something at home, we have plenty of rentals, bait and tackle shops, and outfitters located around the lake. 

Next, you’ll want to bring clothes that accommodate the weather. Though summers are usually picturesque, rain and colder nights can be common. 

Lastly, though there are many places on Mille Lacs to stock or re-stock on food and drinks and make your s’mores nights oh so tasty, it never hurts to be safe and pack some food and water essentials on your adventure.

How to plan for the weather

Summers at Lake Mille Lacs are beautiful! Though the weather usually stays quite warm, making outdoor activities all the more attractive, sometimes rain and colder temperatures at night are possible. 

While at the lake, you can check out the various lake cams to plan accordingly for the day before stepping out of your cabin, but as you pack we recommend clothes and sports gear that accommodate mainly warmer temperatures.

Things to do that won’t break your budget

Make your plans now and round up your summer-fun gear because nothing says it’s summer like a family vacation at Lake Mille Lacs! It’s one of the state’s largest lakes at 132,500-plus acres, so you and your family will find plenty of space to safely spread out and enjoy your favorite summer activities.

Need a few ideas that won’t break the budget?
We have various, affordable and free activities at Lake Mille Lacs like, public access boat launches and docks for fishing, plenty of beaches for swimming, biking and hiking trails at Kathio State Park and Father Hennepin State Park, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and many more activities in the cities surrounding Mille Lacs. 

Whether you enjoy cabining or camping, dining out, or hotdogs and s’mores around a campfire, you’ll find something for everyone at Lake Mille Lacs!

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