Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA
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The Great Catch

Enjoy more than just walleye at Mille Lacs!

The Thrill of the Catch

It’s no secret that the walleye rules on Lake Mille Lacs can be, let's say, a bit restrictive at times. But who says fishing is just about filling the cooler? On Mille Lacs, it’s about the thrill of the catch—and oh boy, are the walleye ever ready to put on a show! As local fishing guide John Wersal put it after a buzzing opening weekend, "Lots and lots of very healthy walleyes being caught...there are just a ton of fish out here and they are very eager to bite."


It’s like the fish are practically jumping into the boat, begging for a quick selfie before their graceful dive back into the deep. But it's not just about walleye—northern pike, bass, and muskies also thrive in these waters, each adding their own splash to the fishing experience.

Delicious Fish Fries

For those who are dead set on tasting the catch of the day, the lake area’s beloved eateries like Twin Pines, Da Boathouse, and the Onamia Vet Club serve up delicious fish fries that promise to satisfy your fish cravings.


These spots cook up the freshest catches, ensuring that even if you release your trophy back into the lake, you can still enjoy a mouthwatering meal that celebrates the local catch.

More Than a Good Catch

Sport fishing on Mille Lacs is more than just a pastime—it's a ton of fun, a test of skill, and a genuine time all rolled into one. Whether you're bragging about the one that didn’t get away or swapping tales at a fish fry, Lake Mille Lacs is the place to be for anglers looking for a good time, not just a good catch.


So come on up, enjoy the sport, enjoy the community, and remember—every walleye you release is just another excuse to come back and catch it again. #livethelacslife

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