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Muskie Fishing

Even though it’s not a natural muskie lake, muskie thrive within Lake Mille Lacs’ 132,500 acres. Book a muskie fishing adventure on the lake today!

Can you catch The Queen of Mille Lacs?

Muskie fish were stocked in Lake Mille Lacs by the Minnesota Department of Fisheries in the 1970s, and today, muskies abound and their size is astounding. Many anglers believe the next state-record muskie will be caught here.


Even though it’s not a natural muskie lake, they seem to like the expanse of Lake Mille Lacs’ 132,500 acres. The lake provides the suitable habitat and room to grow record muskies.


One recent catch, a 57-inch muskie weighing more than 50 pounds, was caught on a fly rod. Imagine that! The same month, a 55-inch muskie with a 30-inch girth, estimated at 60 pounds, was caught. “The Queen of Mille Lacs” or “Queen,” as we call it, was released rather than kept to certify her record muskie size. Queen is still out there for the next lucky fisherman to enjoy the catch of a lifetime.

Get prepared for muskie fishing

Finding the Muskie

Not sure where the fish are biting? In the spring, sand breaks such as those on the north side hold large schools of walleyes. Lake Mille Lacs has many rock points and reefs, which can be productive any time of year. Anglers have also found walleye on the mud flats on opening weekend.

Muskie Fishing Guides

No boat or no idea where to go? No problem! We have fishing guides ready to show you the best walleye fishing spots. And since the guides often write up the Lake Mille Lacs fishing report, you know you’ll be getting the latest fishing information when you book a guide.

Need muskie bait?

Large fishing launches are a historic 70-year tradition on Lake Mille Lacs and are a great way for families and groups, large or small, to get out on the lake for walleyes. Launches are equipped with amenities, fishing gear, and a guide who will even do the dirty work of baiting hooks and cleaning fish. Check out a fishing launch for your next walleye trip!

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