Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA
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Guided Adventure

Fishing on Lake Mille Lacs: A Guided Adventure Awaits

An Angler's Paradise

Welcome to Lake Mille Lacs, a true angler's paradise where the water teems with possibilities and each cast brings a new thrill. Whether you're an experienced fisherman in pursuit of the perfect catch or a newcomer eager to dip your line into the water, fishing on Lake Mille Lacs is an experience you won't want to miss.


And what better way to explore the diverse fishing opportunities our lake offers than with a seasoned guide at your side?

Premier Lake Guides

Lake Mille Lacs is renowned for its variety of fish species, from walleye and northern pike to bass and muskie, making it a fantastic destination for anglers of all tastes. But the lake is vast, and its secrets are best unlocked with the help of professionals like Brad Hawthorne, Tony Roach, Tim Ajax, and teams from Mille Lacs Lake Guiding and Lagoona Guide Service.


These premier guides have a deep understanding of the lake's behaviors and hidden spots where the big catches await. They provide not only the gear and bait but also invaluable insights into effective fishing techniques tailored to Lake Mille Lacs' unique environment.

Something for Everyone

Guided fishing trips are for everyone, from seasoned anglers looking for those elusive secret spots to families or groups seeking an adventurous day out.


A guided trip isn't just about catching fish; it's an educational journey across the lake. You'll learn about the lake’s ecosystem, the best spots for each type of fish during different seasons, and maybe even hear a story or two about the one that got away.

Landing the Trophy Fish

So, why not make your next trip to Lake Mille Lacs a guided fishing adventure? It's an enriching way to truly get to know this magnificent lake, enhancing your skills and maybe, just maybe, landing that trophy fish you've always dreamed of.


Whether you're looking for a serene sunrise outing or a full-day expedition, Lake Mille Lacs and its expert guides are ready to make your fishing dreams a reality. Come and cast your line into the waters of Mille Lacs – where every fish is a story, and every trip is an unforgettable adventure. #livethelacslife

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