Giant northern pike


The list of trophy-size fish to be found in Lake Mille Lacs wouldn’t be complete without the northern pike. Expert angler or not, when it comes to fish, there’s something for everyone on Lake Mille Lacs.

If you are in search of a lunker that’s ready to put up a fight, and you’ll discover that northern pike fishing is the name of your game. Lake Mille Lacs is home to big, feisty northerns that will give you a fishing story you won’t soon forget.

Do you enjoy angling for northerns that love to grab bait in the summer or are ravenous in the cooler waters of late fall? Maybe you prefer the quiet decoy dance of spearing in a winter darkhouse—however you like to fish, northern pike are plentiful and ready for action in Lake Mille Lacs.

Finding the fish

From the May fishing opener through late fall and into winter’s ice fishing and spearing, northerns can be found on Lake Mille Lacs.

Local Fishing Guides

If you don’t know where to go for northern pike on Lake Mille Lacs, the local fishing guides know the hot spots all around the lake. And since the guides contribute to the Lake Mille Lacs fishing reports, when you book a guide, you know you’ll be getting the latest on where they’re biting.

Need bait?

Lake Mille Lacs has great bait shops that will outfit you with all the fishing gear you’ll need for the day, the weekend, or the week. The staff know all about the lake and its fish and are ready to toss in a hot tip or two along with your tackle or minnows.

Eat, sleep, fish some more.

When you head to Lake Mille Lacs for northern pike, you’ll discover more than great fishing. When it’s time to eat, you’ll find lots of choices, such as buffets, thick steaks and juicy burgers, pizza, and more. What is your favorite style of lodging? Lake Mille Lacs has resort cabins, hotel rooms, campgrounds, even home rentals. Choose your favorite food and lodging and rest up—then get back to the fishing!