The full moon is a couple days away so this weekend means a great late night trolling bite and a chance for a musky of a lifetime, this is the time of year to come up and fish.  Generally the few days before and after the full moon are when fishing is good.

Walleyes continue to hit on a jig and minnow during the day on the weed lines in 10-15 feet of water.  If you enjoy the night fishing now is the time to come up and experience the October full moon bite.  Many anglers are trolling at night in 5-10 feet of water, working the larger #14 husky jerks and #9 shallow shad raps., in clown, fire tiger and perch colors.  Alot of BIG walleyes are being caught which makes for an exciting night of fishing.

Musky fishermen have been hitting the water hard this last week, working the rocks. Your best bet right now is to work Hennepin and Doe Islands, Banana Reef and Spider Island areas.  Most anglers are targeting these fish with the larger baits but don’t be afraid to down size either to target these fish.

The water has cooled down into the low 40?s and will continue to drop with the cold fronts arriving. Marker buoys are pulled so be extra careful on the water.