latest_webcam_photo.phpIt’s been an interesting start to the ice fishing season here on Mille Lacs. The bays had ice by Thanksgiving and everyone was excited about and early start. Unfortunately we received some significant snowfall when there was only 7-8″ of ice in the bays which brought the ice formation on the whole lake to a screeching halt. It’s amazing to see how well the snow insulates everything, literally slowing the freeze to a snails pace. The great news is that after weeks of super cold weather the ice has arrived and most resorts are pulling fish houses full steam ahead so make your reservations now!

Fish house rentals vary from the bare minimum to a home away from home, with gas heaters, cook stoves, tables, chairs, bunks, carpeting, paneling, curtains, lighting, separate bathrooms and/or nearby satellite toilet facilities. Mille Lacs offers some of the best ice fishing in Minnesota.

Check out our website for a list of members offering Fish House Rentals.