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– Make a weekend trip to Lake Mille Lacs –

By: MLat

Family Vacations are Special

We’re talking about the kind of vacation that leaves you happy, tan, and closer to those you love the most, where you leave with photos of your family beach day, of your kids catching fish so big they can barely lift them out of the water, and of Mom trying to take a bite of the biggest burger in town. That’s the stuff memories are made of.


As parents, we all know that when it comes to planning family vacations, you have to be prepared, especially when there’s so much to do and only a weekend to fit it all in. We can help! Here are three steps to planning a successful family weekend trip on Lake Mille Lacs.

Plan an action-packed family weekend trip that leaves nothing but exhaustively happy people returning home on Sunday.

One of the best things about vacations is the food. Food you can’t get in the city. Food that you didn’t realize existed. Food you take pictures of because you never want to forget how pumped you are. Can’t make up your mind though? For a full list of memory-making, taste-bud-happy restaurants, from grass-fed and free-range goodness to the kind of burgers that will have mouths watering and begging for the fries to never end, check out our Eat & Drink page. 

It’s not quite a lake family vacation without staying in a cabin by the lake, waking up to the waves, birds, and that lake breeze. But for some, family vacations wouldn’t be a vacation without one thing — a hotel. Stay close to the lakes, but don’t miss out on that vacation feel. If your family likes to rough it, you can’t get better bonding time than pitching a tent or RV-ing it together. Whichever your preference, we have a spot where you’ll feel at home.

Beach. Waves. Sand. Sun. Fun for days! Lake Mille Lacs has beaches that will keep your family wanting to stay forever. Beaches like these are why you escaped the city. And you can’t spend a weekend at the lake without going fishing. We can hook you up. Literally. Rainy day? That’s not even a worry! Head over to Isle Bowl and Pizza for some bowling, pizza and ice cream. The list doesn’t end there! We’ve done our absolute best to let you know every great place to get lost in while your family is up in the heart of Minnesota.  

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