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Ice Fishing

How to Build an Ice Fishing Shelter on Budget

Keeping warm while ice fishing is next to impossible on some days unless you have a good shelter.

By: MLat

The Keys to Keeping Warm on the Ice

Keeping warm is all about getting your feet off the ice, getting out of the wind on sunny days, and using a portable heater on cold, windy, overcast days.

Sand and water - as far as the eye can see.

Final Touches
At this point, feel free to apply any weather-sealing products and paint you like; the better they are, the longer your lean-to will last. You should also go around all the edges with some silicone caulk and seal up any spots where wind and rain can get in.


This is a fun project that one person can easily do over a weekend. It can function as a lean-to on sunny winter days to help break the wind and get your feet off the ice or as a complete shelter for lousy days. You can customize and modify this design to your liking.  

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