Bear Hunting

Bear hunting aroundLake Mille Lacs


From a black bear fading into the shadows of the trees to a bear that might tip over a backyard bird feeder, black bear sightings are common in the north woods of Lake Mille Lacs.

Whether you prefer to hunt with firearms or bows and arrows, you will find a variety of bear hunting areas in the Lake Mille Lacs area. If you’d rather hunt with a guide who knows the area, there are also local guides who are available to assist with bear hunts.

Where to Hunt

Public hunting, in accordance with all regulations, has been the main recreational use of many local Wildlife Management Areas. For example, hunting continues to be popular at the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area on the south end of the lake and the Aitkin Wildlife Management Area on the north end of the lake.

Along the north shore of Lake Mille Lacs, you’ll find hunting areas within Wealthwood State Forest and Ripple River Wildlife Management Area, which covers nearly half of the state forest. State land and hunting preserves are other areas that attract hunters.

Rules and regulations

For hunting regulations and bear season dates, license types, eligibility, costs, permit, and quota/no-quota areas, visit the Minnesota DNR’s Hunting and Trapping Regulations, which are updated each August.

Time to eat and relax!

During the bear hunt, Lake Mille Lacs is a great place to hang out and share your bear tales with other hunters, family, and friends. You’ll be happy to discover menus to satisfy every taste, with burgers and brews, steak houses, small town cafes, and even buffets. After a great meal, relax in your cabin, motel room, or other cozy lodging accommodations and enjoy your bear-hunting getaway at Lake Mille Lacs.