Where hunting is a national holiday.

Deer hunting season is like Minnesota’s holiday!


As avid hunters know, deer hunting in Minnesota is treated like a national holiday. From buying licenses for the correct MN deer hunting zones to deer camp traditions, camaraderie, and the actual hunt itself—deer hunting season is a celebration.

Whether you hunt for meat, sport, or enjoyment, deer hunting season is popular in the Lake Mille Lacs area, where whitetail deer make their home along with 50 other types of mammals and more than 200 species of birds. There are several MN deer hunting zones in the Lake Mille Lacs area. Check the DNR’s current regulations for the deer hunting zone you want to hunt.

Public Hunting

Wildlife Management Areas exist to maintain and manage the habitat for mammals, including deer, and birds. Public hunting, in accordance with all regulations, is allowed at the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area on the south end of the lake. Hunting is also allowed at the Aitkin Wildlife Management Area on the north end of the lake, with the Rice River running through the north side. Along the north shore of Lake Mille Lacs, you’ll also find hunting areas within Wealthwood State Forest and Ripple River Wildlife Management Area, which covers nearly half of the state forest. State lands and hunting preserves are among other areas that attract hunters during deer hunting season.

Plenty of dining and lodging

Once you’ve chosen which one of the MN deer hunting zones you want to hunt in the Lake Mille Lacs area, and you have your license, have fun! After a long day of hunting, you’ll be hungry and will need a place to hang your blaze-orange hat. Check out the many dining and lodging options that are available at Lake Mille Lacs. Whether you want a big steak or burger, buffet, fish or pizza, you’ll find it here, along with easily accessible cabins, hotels, or campgrounds. Good luck, hunters!