Ice Reports

icecheckResorts spend a lot of time checking ice conditions so they can give accurate information to their customers. Listen to their advice and heed their warnings – most have been doing if for many years and know how to read the ice.  Their goal is to keep everyone safe but remember, ice is never 100% safe so always check for yourself.  Be Smart, Be Safe!


Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort on 12/30/2015 – The guys were finding a lot of spots with 6+ inches. However the ice has some real thin spots finding a few locations that had less then 2″. With this cold weather and no snow we will be making ice very quickly the next few days. Our guys will be going out again tomorrow to check and I will let you know.

Garrison Sports on 12/30/2015 – We’re not making ice very fast. This morning we still have 3.5 to 4.25 inches on the clear ice. There is one portable out from the access in fairly deep water, but it would probably be best to wait a day or two.

Rocky Reef Resort on 12/30/2015 – I wish I had better news, but we walked it today and had as little as three and a half inches and as much as five and a half inches that’s it, so I don’t think they’ll be much traffic other than foot traffic or sleds out of here this weekend. I was sure hoping for more, but I knew that snow was going to slow things down for those of us on the main lake. We will just keep wanting and waiting like the rest of you. Have a happy new year. We will hope to see you soon.

Castaways Resort on 12/30/2015 – We’ve FINALLY started making some ice. The guys have found 7-8 inches on our road to Wilderness and out to 1.5 miles. Please remember to use caution as the lake still hasn’t sealed up. The few people that have ventured out already have done well fishing.

Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort on 12/31/2015 – Have about 7 1/4″ of good ice in the bay so it made alittle bit overnight.  Northern action has been really good the last couple of days.

Barnacles Resort & Campground on 12/30/2015 – Still 6+” of ice to the rock pile. If you go east by Reddy Creek there is 7 & 8 inches of ice.

Snowmobile Trail Reports

Mille Lacs Drift Skippers Snowmobile/ATV Club reports that their trails have been packed and swamps rolled.  They are 100% open and in fairly good riding condition and will continue to improve as the swamp areas freeze.  Groomers have not been out yet.

groomerMille Lacs Trails Snowmobile Club continue to pack trails along hwy 65 to where they meet tamarcs trail. Packed to the west to porcupine lake shelter and further west past Dam Road. Also south on hwy 65 and packed the ditches to about a mile south of hwy 2. There is a little more snow by 65 then there is in Malmo. Still not enough snow to groom yet. The trails are rated as poor but rideable. There are still many beaver runs and ditches on the trails that have to be packed with snow once we get some. Ride with caution.

Garrison Commercial Club reports that trails are open but the groomer is not running yet.  Please be careful on the lakes and swamps.

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