Ice Fishing on Mille Lacs LakeWith the cold weather upon us the ice is shaping up nicely for resorts around the Lake. I recommend you decided what area of the lake you want to fish and go through the resort that checks the ice in that area. They can best keep you informed.  Bay area are report 9-10″ with the main lake reporting 6″ or more in some areas.  Please use caution when venturing out on the ice and check-in at resort offices to get their daily updates. Here are some of their website or Facebook updates:

  • Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort -We are now open to wheeler and sled traffic to Shaws Reef. We will be bridging a crack and will start working our way down to Doe Island Reef as soon as we finish staking to Shaw’s.
  • Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort & Guide Service – Today’s Ice Report – 9-10″ in the bay. Where Tim had 5″ yesterday he has 6″ this morning about 2 miles out. With the rain and the wind over the last week there isn’t much snow out there. This cold weather will help it along nicely. Still holding to walk-out and ATV traffic through the weekend.
  • Fishermen’s Wharf Resort – 12/18/12 Ice Report – We still have 3″-4″ of ice in the bay but also have another 4″ of water & crusty ice mix on top of that. With the lows around zero forecasted the rest of this week that should solidify and make some good ice soon.
  • Hunter Winfields Resort -The bay has 9″-10″ of ice, the main lake 5″. The cold this week will help us but it would be nice for single digits during the day.
  • Lyback’s Ice Fishing – The cold weather has arrived!!   Ice tomorrow in our areas will be 5-6 inches.  Here we go…. We will be checking more ice and areas tomorrow but we will be getting started in close and by the end of the day we’ll have lots of fishing areas checked for ice depth and safe travel .  By Saturday we should be well under way for most portable people.  Parking is set up and we’re ready!!!  Now let’s see if the fish bite!! Eddy
  • Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort – Let the fishing begin. Our Guys went out this morning and found 6-8 inches of good ice. We have all the interior roads open and a road to the flats right now. Make sure you stop in before going out.

Please visit these websites and follow them on Facebook to get their current information.  Visit our website at for a full list of members that offer ice fishing services.  Most will provide ice condition and fishing reports throughout the season.