Nitti’s Hunters Point Resort from 12/28/2015
Hope everyone had a great holiday. The guys went out this morning to check the ice. We have a big ridge from hunters point to Picard Point, from the ridge east is about 100 yards and we have 6″-7″. Just past the ridge we have varying amounts of ice. One spot is 5″ then right next to it is 3″. We made ice pretty quick considering we still had open water past the ridge just before Christmas. Its looking like the snow may miss us (cross your fingers) If the snow does miss us, the guys will be out again checking on Wednesday. We will keep you informed

Rocky Reef Resort from 12/28/2015
We were making an attempt at putting down some ice over the past 4 days. We started with 2 inches and then the wind came up and blew it all to hell, and then the snow came in on Saturday and gave us about 4 inches of fluffy stuff. It is hard to say what is out there now, I would think that there is about 3 to 4 inches by now. I will go out on Wednesday and do some checking. I know that the bays have about 4 to 6 inches on them.
I have not seen anyone out on Vineland Bay as of yet, but you must be very careful out there right now if you decide to go. I know that they are out in Cove, Wahkon and Isle Bay. The ice that is out there is not that great and now with the snow cover it will take longer to make ice with the temps not being below zero. The ice houses are ready and set to go out, now we will just have to wait until we get 8 inches and I will pull out the Foam houses.
I will update you on Wednesday with what is out there for ice, maybe by the weekend it will be good enough to possibly walk or take a snowmobile out. It’s just a little iffy on where there was open water just 3 days ago, out about a half mile from shore, slowly but surly we will get out probably, hopefully by next weekend we can start the season. We will be opening the Bar and Grill this weekend to get things started.  Stop by and have a beer and burger and shoot the shit.

Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort from 12/28/2015
We have 6″ out about 300 yards and that is as far as we have gone. We will be out staking a wheeler trail this week depending on how much snow that we get.

ken122715Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort & Guide Service from 12/27/2015
Tim ventured out a mile or so on ATV this afternoon. Finding pretty consistent 6″ of ice here in the bay and found 8″ out farther but that’s in the rough ice. Will let ATVs and sleds go in the bay for now but we’ll see what happens with the snow predicted tomorrow.
There was some Northern activity yesterday but I don’t think it was fast and furious. I just got a fishing report from a couple heading out. Said they saw lots of fish, northerns, crappies, bass, etc. but had a tough time getting them to bite.  Another group of guys came in later in the day and had 7 northerns speared right out front.

macs122715Mac’s Twin Bay Resort from 12/27/2015
Ice is varying a bit, from 6-8” in the bay. Kevin has been out marking Roads A and B and the main road. Snowmobiles and 4-wheelers should be ok in the bay and on Roads A and B, but not past Hawkbill Point. The ice past Road B has just begun to freeze. We will keep checking on it. Hope for no more winds to blow it open or too much snow, either.
Our team is out packing the snow with snowmobiles and pulling a packer around to help, then drilling holes to flood the snow and encourage the freezing.

Good fishing action out in the bay and lots of activity. We had nice ones in the past few days, but not many reports since Christmas. Fish are nice and fat, and using a smaller presentation seems to be doing well for perch. Excited to see the perch activity! Good for the lake!

Lyback’s Ice Fishing from 12/27/2015
We ended up with about 4-6 inches of snow yesterday.  The wind didn’t move the snow too much so it’s put a layer of insulation on the ice which will slow things down in the freezing process.
Today I’m going to check ice depths farther out and see how far there is decent ice. I’m hoping to find 5-6 inches in my travels.
Update: 4:00pm.  Got in from the ice checking depths and most ice was 6-8 inches to Popes, Gull Reef and Spider.  So we have some good areas to portable too the next few days.  Starting tomorrow we will be letting ATV’s, snowmobiles with portables out.  Trails to get there are marked.  Areas beyond that will need to be checked before anyone ventures out further as there is alot of unpredictable ice depths out there.The normal parking area for rigs is along the driveway as before and marked. Stop in the office before going on the ice!
Sounds like more snow might be coming the next couple days, but lets hope it stays to the south and east.
Here we go……Keep a Tight Line!

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