Twin Pines Resort as of 1/20/2016 – We had a GREAT long weekend at Twin Pines, the ice is between 15 & 17 inches in St Albans Bay. Trucks & wheel houses can drive anywhere. There were lots of 12-17 inchers caught with a 21 & 25 occasionally, plus some nice Northerns.

Lyback’s Ice Fishing as of 1/20/2016 – Yesterday fishing activity was pretty slow in most spots except for the evening bite.  Southwest of Spider Perch action was good most of the day, but you had to pick thru them. One angler was out in the “Tullibee Hole” and watched lots of Perch on the camera but they were not active, and there were small Tullibee mixed in also.  Single axle wheelhouses with 1/2 trucks will be allowed out of our access to areas we go to.  Tandem axle houses and will have to stay on the thicker ice closer to shore.  We will show you on the maps when you arrive.  I will not have all that weight travel on the established roads and weaken the ice for others. With the warmer weather coming it will not heal as fast, and for whatever reason most anglers with wheelhouses can’t drive slowly, even though we ask them.  If they would check the weight of their pulling vehicle and their wheelhouse and gear and add them together they would realize why they should.

Eddy Resort as of 1/20/2016 – Fishing Report: We have 13” to 17” of good ice. It’s fun catching Northerns in our new spear houses. Or go traditional in our fish houses where Walleyes and Jumbo Perch are biting. Suckers or big shiners have been the best for Northerns.

Agate Bay Resort as of 1/19/2015 – We were out today checking ice and still found 8 – 10 inches at the end of Perch Parkway. I cannot explain it after all the cold weather we have had. The ice along the reef and Lake Street is all 12” plus and we pulled some rentals out along Lake Street today.  We will begin pulling private houses out on Wednesday along Lake Street and Walleye Drive. nittisWe can go out about one half of the length of Perch Parkway, but not to the deeper parts. We will let you drive your vehicle to and from your house but NO EXPLORING OR GOING OFF ROAD. We will not be allowing any drive-ons or daily wheel houses until we have 12” of ice all over our territory. The ice varies a great deal this year and we want to do our best to keep people as safe as possible. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort as of 1/18/2016 – Cold weather finally got us to a point where we can drive vehicles on lake. We will continue pulling houses out this weekend give us a call and head up. Oh yeah the cold hardly slowed down the bite. We are seeing some big fish,one rental caught 3 fish over 25″ and we are seeing small fish another rental caught over 60 fish about 15″. We still have a few rentals for this weekend give us a call. We are the resort who guarantees you leave with your walleye limit or we give you 2 walleye fillets with a rental house.

Rocky Reef Resort as of 1/18/2016 – It sure is nice to finally be out on the ice safely. We have over 15 inches of ice out there now so we will be pulling out the bigger houses this week. The bite this past weekend was pretty good considering that we had that major cold front descend down upon us. There were fish caught in all of the rentals this past weekend. Most of them were in the 15 to 17 inch range with a couple of real pigs in the 26 to 27 inch range.

Garrison Sports as of 1/18/2016 – Barring a new crack, we’ll be able to open the road to vehicle traffic tomorrow (Tuesday) mid day.

Red Door Resort as of 1/18/2016 – We are finally on the ice! Our trucks went out today and we are plowing roads! The weekend cold helped build the much needed ice though there are still some spotty areas that require caution. Our rental houses are going out today and we will transition into pulling our privates over the next few days. Fishing remains strong though the weekend cold did slow the bite down somewhat; we expect that the warmer weather over the next few days will turn the bite back on. For our members, check out the pic of our new hoist system on the trucks to keep the houses safe and free from damage. Stop in to get your road pass tag at the office. All vehicles will be required to have a ramp pass posted. Our access remains open to snowmobiles and Atv’s and we are hopeful to open our access to cars and light trucks for this coming weekend. Thanks to Ryan for the great northern pic! Stay tuned for updates.