With the cold weather upon us the ice thickness is starting to accumulate but it’s different on all areas of the lake.  It’s vitally important that you check with a resort before heading out.  Never drive across country, figure out where on the lake you want to fish and check in with a resort that works that area.  They will know and can advise you on the conditions for that area.

Many people think that the ice accumulates fast because of the cold temps but be aware that once the thickness reaches that 10″-11″ mark it slows down.  If you throw a little snow on top that also can slow the process.  Resorts will plow roads early on to move the snow to help increase those road thicknesses so they can get you on the ice as soon as possible.  Please be patient and understand that mother nature controls this, not the resorts.

Reports from around the Lake –

Appeldoorn’s Resort – 12/26/2017 – In our bay we have 12-14” of Ice, From Doe Island To Shaw’s Reef it ranges from 10-8” of Ice.
We currently have roads marked out 1.25 miles, past the end of our roads we have found 5” of ice. We currently are allowing single axle wheel house out with in certain areas. For further updates you may call Front desk at 320-676-8834.

Agate Bay Resort – 12/26/2017 – We were out again today checking ice. We found mostly 10-12” of ice but we found one 9.5” spot where there was a lot of snow. We plowed Lake St. and most of Walleye Dr. today. We will finish Walleye Dr. and try to finish Perch Parkway tomorrow. We also need to plow the Main Rd. and put out rental houses. Hopefully by that time we will have 12” of ice all over. My best guess now is pulling privates late Thurs. or Friday. We will keep you informed. We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to a Happy New Year on the ice

Rocky Reef Resort  12/26/2017 – We were out again this morning checking the ice and we are still finding some 8 and 9-inch stuff out there and as much as 11 to 12 inches in the bare spots. The cold weather is giving us some fractures under the snow, so that is all slush in some areas. We will let it sit for a couple more days and check it again on Friday morning and see if the fractures have healed over and the slush has frozen.  See full report on their Facebook page.

Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort – 12/26/2017 – Tim was out checking ice in the bay this morning. Found 14-15″ of ice but still found a spot or 2 with only 12″. For now we will let up to 3/4 ton vehicles (no diesels) with single axle wheelhouses go. Road is still only plowed slightly out of the bay so that’s as far as vehicles can go.

Castaway’s Resort – We’re getting close… We’ve found an average of 9-13 inches and have been dealing with a crack at our 3 mile road. We have most of our roads plowed and with these subzero temps we’re being cautious and letting them gain more ice before allowing all the extra vehicle traffic. As of now we are not open to public vehicle traffic but we will post as soon as that changes. Soon… it’s soo close…

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 12/26/2017 – We have 8 to 9 inches of ice the ice thickness should improve this week if we get the cold that has been forecast. Fishing in the bays is producing walleyes and some jumbo perch.

Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort – 12/26/2017 Video (sound is muted to don’t forget to turn it on).

Ice report Tuesday 12-26

Posted by Nitti's Hunters Point Resort on Tuesday, December 26, 2017