The 2019 Ice Fishing season is upon us and most are in full swing or just about there.  Here are Facebook and/or Website Blog reports from Members around the lake.  As always, be sure to check in directly with the resort for more current reports and information.

  • Beachside Resort – 12/25/2018 – See report for weather related road closure.  Also reports that the good news is that when we open things back up Friday, the ice has thickened up enough for us to loosen up some restrictions (subject to change based on storm). We will be allowing the following: ZONE 1: Tandem Axle or less pulled by 3/4 Ton Gas or less. ZONE 2: Single Axle or less pulled by 1/2 Ton or less. Tandem Axle pulled by SxS or ATV. We can accomodate a Tandem pull out to Zone 2. ZONE 3: SxS and ATV to start with. If conditions permit we plan to pull out our 40 ft steel bridge (Hopefully Saturday) and extend Zone 2 to Ottos Reef.
  • Lyback’s Ice Fishing – 12/26/2018 – See report for weather related road closure.  Also reports The bite yesterday seemed a little slower than the last couple from what reports I heard. I talked with a rental this morning via cell and they C/R 3 Walleye overnite with one in the slot. That same house the night before C/R 10 with a 24″ and a 25″. Portable fishermen reported slower catches also.
  • Brandt’s Ice Fishing – 12/26/2018 – See report for weather related road closures.  Fishing has been good especially the night bite. Even seeing some nice keepers. Work the 17-18 foot depths off the Point as well as the West side of 1 1/4 mile reef in 21-22 FOW.
  • Rocky Reef Resort – 12/25/2018 – Well it looks like we are going to get some snow this week, starting on Wednesday night. It will put a little damper on what I am going to pull out on to the lake. With the forecast of up to 6 to 8 inches and winds blowing at 25 to 30 mph for 2 days, it will make anything on the lake a snow catcher.

See below, a list of Facebook and/or Website reports from Members around the lake.

Terry’s Boat Harbor
Twin Pines Resort

Rocky Reef Resort
Randy’s Rentals
Brandt’s Ice Fishing
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North of Isle and East Side:
Agate Bay Resort
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Ice Guides:
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