The ice fishing season is gearing up on Lake Mille Lacs and is on the brink of full pull for many resorts.  Some areas on the main lake are still measuring 7″-8″ of ice but with the cold weather arriving in a day or two it should help pack on the ice thickness.  As always, check with your local resorts and bait shops before you venture out and check as you go.

This year I’m seeing a good number of resorts reporting rough ice because of all the wind when the ice was forming.  But don’t fret, resorters do a tremendous job getting people through those rough areas.  Here’s a video of Agate Bay Resort showing just how it’s done.

Click on Image to start video.

A bit of nostalgia – with all the newfangled gadgets, equipment, wheelhouses and vehicles, Resorters like Lyback’s Ice Fishing still rely on equipment from the past years to get the job done on early ice.  They work to check ice, clear snow, pull small houses and whatnot to make sure the ice is in good shape for everyone. As soon as there’s enough ice, the “Big Boys” come out to work.

Reports from Around the Lake:

Rocky Reef Resort – 12/18/2017 – We will be waiting to put any houses out until next Tuesday after Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas with the family and we will hit it hard on Tuesday. I will have the foam houses out by next Wednesday or Friday if anyone is interested on doing some early ice fishing next week.

The ice is just to inconsistent out there and I don’t like it, from 6 to 9 inches of ice and still some 3 and 4-inch spots. We did not put down any ice over the past 3 days with the temps being so warm and having 3 to 4 inches of snow out there on top of it. It will take the cold weather that is forecasted at the end of this week into the weekend to make any ice at all. So, we will just wait it out and see what we have next week.

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 12/18/2017 – We have six to eight inches of ice. Atv’s and snowmobiles have been driving on the lake. Fishing for walleyes has been good on the rock points 10 to 16 feet and in the bays 18 to 23 feet. Mornings and evenings are producing the most fish.

Mac’s Twin Bay Resort – 12/18/2017 – It was another fun night out in the bay. Caught walleyes 19” 21” and a 28”. The big eyes are still in the bay. There have been a few reports of big pike being seen and caught. A couple keeper perch as well.

Castaways Resort – The guys have found 9-11″ in most areas but still a few spots of 8″. ATVs, snowmobiles, and side by sides are all still ok. NO vehicle traffic yet.
We are going to wait until this cold snap is over before deciding if and when we will be allowing anything else. HOPEFULLY we will be ready to go after Christmas.