Things are starting to roll with some accessible ice in the bay areas.  Always check with a resort before venturing out and be sure to check for yourself as you go especially during this early ice time.

Here are reports from resorts around the lake. These are copied snippets from their websites and/or Facebook pages so be sure to visit their sites for the full reports.

Beachside Resort – 12/15/2020 – We have been out checking ice and in the past couple of days we have been seeing some great ice growth in the bay! Because of that we will be open for SxS and ATV, and walkout traffic starting Thursday, December 17th.

Lybacks Ice Fishing – 12/15/2020 – This morning I went out for the first walk on the ice. (Found out I’m definitely going to need new ice cleats, the old ones are pretty worn.) For about 1/4 mile the ice varied from 4″ to almost 6″ in some spots and it is extremely clear and smooth. If it keeps freezing a little each night we will most likely be opening the access for walking this coming weekend to limited areas that we have checked over the next couple days.

Mac’ s Twin Bay Resort – 12/15/2020 – Ice is growing and the fish waiting for you to come up. It was a busy weekend with scattered reports from Walleye from 12’-28’ with a few keepers. Northerns 10’-14’. Perch were running smaller with a few keepers. Ice conditions as of Tuesday morning are 5”-7” in our bay and out to roads A & B in that 28’ hole. I have not ventured past the point yet. We are going to allow small ATVs today. No wheelhouses yet.

Hunter Winfield’s Resort – 12/16/2020 – As of tomorrow we are open for four wheeler access, I staked the road to the mouth of the bay and found nothing less then 7 inches, it’s a $10 fee per day also no going by reeds or Malone island bridge area, come on out and get some fishing in.

Appeldoorn’s Resort – 12/16/2020 -Walking, atv’s & sleds are a go for this weekend!No side by sides yet at this time & no one past Doe due to a crack that still needs some time to heal.

Garrison Sports – 12/15/2020 – Well we’ve got some good news finally! The lake has froze over as far as the eye can see. We have 5.5 to 6 inches of ice out to where the new ice formed. For now we will be allowing walk outs only. We will be opening the shop on Friday morning at 6am. Please use caution and stay off of the new ice until we give you the go ahead.