Walleye fishing is still going strong.  Seeing reports of some nice Northerns being caught by hook and line as well as spearing.  Here are a few current reports but please be sure to visit Facebook and Websites for full and updated reports along with catch photos from businesses around the lake!

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 1/21/2019 – The roads are good to the following flats, Curly’s Rockpile Banana,Buster’s and Shermans. We are planning to go out to Seguchie, 8 mile and 7 mile later in the week.

Lyback’s Ice Fishing – 1/23/2019 – Yesterday was a fairly quiet on on the ice. Not many out and those that were reported the bite was a little slow. We spent the day moving rentals and setting them up for the weekend, and today we are racing to get everything else ready before the wind and deep freeze turns on tonight. With the couple inches of “fluff” snow we have with 30-40 mph NW winds and sub-zero temps will make tonight and Thursday morning a time not to be doing much out there if possible, and then we will plow things out as the winds die down in the afternoon and Friday for the weekend. At least the weather is going to moderate and be pretty good for the weekend. Cold, but tolerable for sure. We are out on the Banana Reef now and if the ice doesn’t do much more cracking out there we will be letting wheelhouses out on it this weekend also.

Hawthorne Guide Service – 1/23/2019 – Mille Lacs report: With the long term cold we’ve shifted deeper with the Otters and wheel house spots. The deeper water in 28-32ft on the gravel and mud is producing better for us. Just remember please take it slow when reeling or setting the hook on rattle reels from those depths. Green and pink UV are still the top colors for spoons. Plain hooks in pink and glow are great for set lines. It’s the time of year to get more natural with presentations and down-size the jigging spoons and get away from the crowds. If you can find them..shiners are definitely the minnow of choice but small 3-4” suckers are still catching plenty of walleye.


Area Events:

WAVE Beef Chili Cookoff at Izatys Resort – January 26, 2019

See below, a list of Facebook and/or Website reports from Members around the lake.

Terry’s Boat Harbor

Rocky Reef Resort
Randy’s Rentals
Brandt’s Ice Fishing
Eddy’s Resort
Izatys Resort

Beachside Resort
Lybacks Ice Fishing

Hunter Winfield’s Resort
Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort

North of Isle and East Side:
Agate Bay Resort
Appeldoorn’s Resort
Mac’s Twin Bay Resort
Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort
Dickies on Mille Lacs

Castaways Resort

Ice Guides:
Brad Hawthorne’s Guide Service
Roach’s Guide Service
T and T Guide Service
McQuoid’s Inn