Fishing and Ice Reports from our members around the lake.  Please be sure to visit their Facebook and/or websites for full reports.

Agate Bay Resort – 1/15/2019 – We plowed a new road just south of Agate Bay Reef and we will plow driveways all along it. We extended our road to the north, which is shallower rock structure for Walleye and we will plow driveways along that, as well.  The fishing was good last Friday and Saturday day, but it shut down into Sunday. It has since gotten better again and people are having a very good time. 

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 1/15/2019 – The ice on the mud flats is getting thicker and the snow depth has decreased with the rain and warmer temps that we have had. We are finally suppose to get some cold weather later this week. With a big drop in temperature the ice will develop some cracks. The plan as of now is to let truck traffic go out to the flats this weekend unless the pressure ridge blows up.

Dickies on Mille Lacs – 1/15/2019 – Tullibees are biting. We have a rental where the tullibees are biting. Terry’s grandson caught a 28 3/4 ” last week end in a rental fish house. He’s getting it mounted.

Hawthorne’s Guide Service – 1/14/2019 – What a busy weekend, from trips and numerous wheel house spots. Guys in the Otters definitely caught more fish, but the wheel house guys who kept noise down did pretty good! By far the hot color is UV green in the VMC rattle spoon or Tumbler spoon. Once the traffic increased on Saturday set lines produced far better. As always, check with your resorts before you head out and be safe this week.

Upcoming Area Events:

January 26 – WAVE Beef Chili Cook Off at Izatys Resort

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Terry’s Boat Harbor

Rocky Reef Resort
Randy’s Rentals
Brandt’s Ice Fishing
Eddy’s Resort
Izatys Resort

Beachside Resort
Lybacks Ice Fishing

Hunter Winfield’s Resort
Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort

North of Isle and East Side:
Agate Bay Resort
Appeldoorn’s Resort
Mac’s Twin Bay Resort
Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort
Dickies on Mille Lacs

Castaways Resort

Ice Guides:
Brad Hawthorne’s Guide Service
Roach’s Guide Service
T and T Guide Service
McQuoid’s Inn