Resorts are in full pull with rental and private houses. Ice thicknesses vary around the lake so be sure to check in with a resort before you head out. They will best be able to give you information on spots to be wary of.

Visit Facebook/Websites for complete and updated reports.

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 1/9/2019 – We checked ice thickness on several mud flats yesterday. We found 15 inch ice, 12 inch ice and 7 and 8 inch ice. I spoke with John Odle owner of Rocky Reef and he said they also found 7 and 8 inch ice on some of the flats. We found places where their was very little snow and other places where the snow was several feet deep. We put out a bridge over the pressure ridge and will allow snowmobile and atv’s to cross it, no cars or trucks. We have several miles of roads plowed in the bay with plowed slots for trucks and wheel houses. We cannot plow roads to the flats until we get more ice.

Rocky Reef Resort – 1/7/2019 – Ice is 16 inches and all of the roads are plowed off. I will allow all vehicles and ice castles out this weekend. The bite is good, so come on up, we are ready for you all!

Agate Bay Resort – 1/8/2019 – What a wind today. We needed ice cleats so we didn’t skate across the lake. The ice is pretty good. The same bridges are in place and we generally need to pull the main bridge and level it out most days. We are open for daily accesses including wheel houses and we are not holding drivers licenses like we did in past years.

Mac’s Twin Bay Resort – 1/9/2019 – We did plow a road to Hennepin and to the gravel about six miles out. We will let the road heal one more day then probably let vehicles and single axle wheelhouses out.

Lybacks Ice Fishing – 1/9/2010 – Yesterday was a windy one on the lake. In the morning they were gusting 30-40 mph at times and it was good that the snow had settled and had a crust on it from the previous nights rain.The bite was a little slower from what reports I heard. Probably because of the high pressure moving in with the cold, but fishermen still had pretty good luck. The temperature swings is definitely making the ice react. After being “warm” over the last few days, the cold and wind was causing the “brittleness” of the smooth clear ice to show. Almost everywhere there was cracking on the roads. It was healing almost as fast, but in some places around the lake it was causing some problems. Currently we have about 16-18 inches on the roads and we will be checking them tomorrow morning after one more cold night.

See below, a list of Facebook and/or Website reports from Members around the lake.

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North of Isle and East Side:
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Mac’s Twin Bay Resort
Nitti’s Hunter’s Point Resort
Dickies on Mille Lacs

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Ice Guides:
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