Reports from Around the Lake –

Rocky Reef Resort – 1/2/2018 – We are sitting at 13 to 15 inches of ice, the snow packed down enough that the cold finally was able to get down to making some ice over the past 3 days.  I will allow ¾ ton gas engine trucks with tandem axle wheel houses this weekend. The bite is on fire after 4pm, as it has been for the past 3 seasons. I will have all of my houses out by the weekend, so give me a call if you need to get your bite on!

Nitti’s Hunters Point Resort – 1/2/2018 – The guys worked hard yesterday getting roads made out to the mud. We expect them to be open for vehicle travel come Wednesday. Our interior roads are open except for the north road, pollock, and flamingo. The guys will continue to work on those areas and we will keep you posted.

Appeldoorn’s Resort – 1/2/2018 – We are seeing anywhere from 16-18 inches everywhere that we have roads plowed to. We are now open to all traffic except for 1 ton Diesel pick-ups pulling wheelhouses. Ice is in great shape with not bridges, cracks or heaves. We are working our tails off to keep it that way, any speed in excess of 10 mph will not be tolerated. Attached is a current map of our roads.

The forecast for tomorrow is call for a lot of NW wind and if that comes to fruition we will not be extending our road system tomorrow, rather we will be fixing all of the $%^&*(* that has broke over the last 7 days during the brutally cold weather.