Fishing has been spectacular on Mille Lacs!  The walleye bite continues to be good around the lake.  The Smallies are done spawning and moving off their beds in to the deeper water.  Bug hatches have started somewhat and will continue as the water warms.

Reports around the lake:

McQuoid’s Inn – 6/18/2019 – The bite has continued to be great for walleye. Our launch trips have been getting good numbers all day long. The evening bite on Mille Lacs is something that can’t be beat but it doesn’t stop the fish from biting all day. Both the guide trips and launch trips have been finding more of the walleyes out a little deeper now, on gravel and the flats, starting at about 20 feet. In the evening, they have found them a little further out in 24 to 30 feet. Bobber and leech on the launch boats have been doing awesome but the guides have been using lindy rigs as well. The trolling bite is also starting to be good as of late. The bigger smallmouth have been on deeper beds but they are still finding some of the smaller fish still on the shallow rock. A few pike have been caught on the launch boats out deeper but most of them can be found along the weeds in 10-14 feet of water.

Fisher’s Resort – 6/16/2019 – The walleye bite is flat out fantastic. The customers are stating that it’s nuts out there. They are biting on crawlers, leeches, plastics….You name it! Hot colors seem to be red and pink, but it quite honestly doesn’t seem to matter. Smallmouth… last week we saw a slower bite for smallmouth, but we were also battling weather. We had a cold front come through with a lot of wind. It seems like they’re starting to pick up a little bit this weekend, try plastics that are of the darker greens/browns. Tubes and Ned rigs are preforming well.

Mac’s Twin Bay Resort – Reports Smallies are moving off their beds but can still be found in the shallow water. Neds Rigs have been productive the last few trips.

Johnson’s Portside – Fishing report and Drop Shot setup video.

Mille Lacs Weekend Success Drop shot tips

Posted by Johnsons Portside on Monday, June 17, 2019


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