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Another opener is upon us and conditions look right for a good weekend – surface temps are in the mid 50’s, the full moon has just passed and water levels are good. With a little cooperation from the fish it should be a great weekend! The hazard markers have been placed and all the docks are in at the public accesses… we’re set to go. Look for most of the fish to be in 20 feet or less water. Traditional opening day favorites like the north end, Vineland Bay and Big Point will likely take most of the pressure. Toward evening you might look to some shallower water on the rock reefs for some bobber fishing – 7 to 12 feet should be good here.

Remember, you can fish Mille Lacs “’round the clock” for the opener… the night ban doesn’t go into effect until 10PM on May 11th. We have yellow stickers at our shop with the 2015 regulations printed on them describing the night ban and any other Mille Lacs-specific regulations… stop in and pick one up – there’s no charge!

Leeches have become the “bait-of-choice” on Mille Lacs. A modest-sized leech will often out-perform a jumbo during the early weeks of the season. Don’t overlook minnows either – if you’re ever going to run minnows, now’s the time while the water is cool.

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The water temps should be right this year for the north end sand to be a good bet and some of the deeper rocky areas will hold active fish too. The catching this year on Mille lacs will be (IMO) very good, forage at so-so normal levels should make for some great fishing.
The smaller walleyes will have the feed bags on this spring so be extra careful if you are Bobber fishing in the evenings. Use extreme care when unhooking these future keepers, barbless hooks will help in the process. I believe there will be a ton of 10? to 15? walleyes that will frustrate some anglers and make a great day on the lake for others.
The 19?-21? walleyes are out there in greater numbers than the DNR says, (according to us un-informed locals) so a meal of fish is not “off” the table.
We know many of you will make it up for the opener and have a great time on the big lake and we appreciate all of you for that effort.
This season put some pressure on the smallmouth that are ALL over the reefs in huge size and numbers. If you want the kids to have some rip the rod outta your hands action, get up on the rocks and start pitching rubber baits or cranks.