Fisher’s Resort – This last weekend the north sand and rock structure dominated structure wise. The flats were doing pretty good earlier around the opener but have now slowed some due to the midges hatching this week. Yes…. the midges are hatching. A west wind brought some of them buggers in here, but a wind switch should happen in a few days and push them around. Lindy rigging with a leach or crawler, crankbaits, plastics and corking are all methods that are working rather well.

By the sounds of it, the smallmouth slowed up a hair this last week with the water temperature drop. Water temps are around 56 here on Mille Lacs still at this point. The magic temp for spawning is typically 60 degrees but it sounds like they may have laid their eggs last week? Some are saying that the females have come off the beds and the males are moving in. Swimbaits and tubes have been reported to be productive, with a note that purple was a good color.  The smallmouth fishing should only get better as the water temps warm. We are looking forward to seeing what June will bring.

Rocky Reef ResortThe walleye bite is still heating up out there. The Gravel Bars have just started to show some signs of life and the mud flats are already holding fish. Lindy rigging any of the rock or mud flats has been working well with leeches and even shiners are still producing big fish.  With the weather starting to warm up by the middle of the week, our water temps will climb out of the mid 50s into the upper 60s and the walleyes will start to move out to their summer haunts. The spinner bite will start up in the next 2 weeks I hope and the season will finally get underway. 

Brad Hawthorne’s Guide Service – With the recent bug hatches the mud and deeper gravel transitions are holding more and more fish, but don’t throw away those 10-16ft rock areas just yet. Just yesterday we had great numbers on 14-16ft rocks with Northland thumper jigs with rainbow minnows. This combo is and always has been a deadly combo on the shallow rocks of Mille Lacs and is over-looked more often than not.
With the mud bite starting to come on strong leeches are a great choice but minnows are still holding a position in my bait cooler right next to them… The mud fish are all over, tops, edges, and off 10-20 yards. The game plan goes like this: Mark fish, go up wind, drift across or pull through with rigs. .03-.06 mph is the best speed.

On to the Smallmouth, if you’re getting sick of me saying tubes fine, don’t throw them lol, Fatty tubes are still my top bait for Mille Lacs brown bass. With the water temps still hovering around 55 degree mark, some fish have spawned out, others are waiting to warm up just a hair more. This especially goes for the main lake fish. Look in 4-12ft on the rocks for your best shot at Bassquatch. Slower retrieves are working better for me, almost a swimming action. Keep that in mind if you’re getting follows and not getting bit. As always, Have fun, be safe, and good luck fishing.

Red Door Resort – Walleye bite remains excellent with many of our guests having the “fishing experience of their lives”.   Smallmouth Bass seems to have slowed a little with the recent bug hatch though some of our guests from down south reported catching the largest smallmouths they have ever seen.   Water temperature is around 58 degrees and the first break out front of the Red Door has been very productive

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June 3 – MTT Walleye Tournament
June 3 – Area Bean Bag Tournament Qualifying Round at Bayview Bar & Grill
June 3 – Outdoor Gospel Concerts