It was a slow start weather wise to the summer season but things are definitely heating up!  Hire a guide, hop on a launch or rent a boat and do it on your own, doesn’t matter, you can’t go wrong.

Watch for fishing reports from around the lake. Visit their Facebook and Websites for photos and more information! #dothelake


Hawthorne Guide Service – Says smallmouth are starting to make beds and claim territory….but very, very few are actually on them. By the end of this week we’ll start seeing more and more of this. As for the Mille Lacs Walleye…it’s this easy, do whatever you choose in 18-26ft with normal walleye presentations and you’ll crush them.

Terry’s Boat Harbor – 5-27-19 Walleye fishing continues to be very good. This weekend Friday and Saturday the fishing was fantastic. Sunday was tougher during the day because of bright sun and no wind, Sunday night the bite was again very good. Jig and shiner minnow produced the most fish during the day followed by rigging with a leech. Evening hours leech and slip bobber produced the most fish. Fishing was very good on rock points, sand in the bay and some reported good success out on the mud flats. Smallmouth bass fishing was slower than normal due to below average water temps for this time of year. If you want to catch a lot of walleyes Mille Lacs is the place to be.

Twin Pines Resort – Reports that their launches are on the walleyes, especially in the evenings.

McQuoid’s Inn & Event Center – The guides and launch captains are starting to find some walleyes out deeper in a variety of sizes. Bobbers, jigs, and jerk baits are still what they are getting them on. The water temps in shallow are around 60-64 degrees while out deep is reading around 56 degrees. Smallmouth have still been biting good on the shallow rocks but as the water temp is rising, they are starting to bed.

Agate Bay Resort – Fishing has been outstanding this year with many catches in the 20s, 30s, and more per day. They are moving a little deeper with some of the bigger fish coming from the deeper break lines in 28-32 feet. Smallmouth action has been good along deeper rocks and they should be moving shallow to spawn as the water warms.


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