Had another great weekend on the big pond.   We received 3-4″ of snow yesterday which will help with banking and being able to see the roads better.  Ice is still slippery to bring cleats!

Fishing Photos from Around the Lake:

Fishing & Ice Reports from Around the Lake:

Lundeen’s Tackle Castle – Those of you who came up through the warm stretch saw the pressure breaks do what pressure breaks do… they flex. In this case, they flexed a lot. Some of the resorts even needed to temporarily close their bridges until they could repair and reposition them. In most instances, things have returned to normal but to be sure you’ll want to check with your resort to verify that you can drive to your hot-spot.

The walleye bite appears to have softened-up a bit. That’s not to say it’s dead – not by a long shot. In fact, it’s still better than what we normally enjoy toward the end of January. The biggest bang for your daytime buck will likely come from the mud flats – if you’re only going to fish through the daylight hours, that’s the place to be. Most of the walleye are relating to the structure, whether you’re on the flats, gravel or where ever. We’re not seeing a lot of fish out in no-man’s land. If you planned to make a weekend out of it, I might be inclined to fish either the gravel or some deep rock. These fish turn on and off throughout the day and night, likely resulting in a little bigger catch over the entire period. There have been a few decent perch mixed in, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for going home with a bucket full of perch – consider them a bonus. Northern action is average at best.

The Wharf Resort – Fishing was a little tougher then the last few weekends but if you check out our winter fish album on facebook you’ll still see some fish pics from this past weekend!  What’s working best out that? Try 1/8oz buckshots’s, must have the GLOW! Blue/silver & orange are favorites of many. Depths of 20’+ are best. Monday we got about 3″of snow. Banking is possible now on all areas on the ice.

Rocky Reef Resort – It was another stellar weekend out on the rocks. It seems like the bite just keep getting better with the big fish out there. I have seen more pictures of fish over 26 inches and over 29 inches than I have ever seen in 26 years of doing this. I have so many people sending me pictures of their catches over the weekend, that I have to make time to get them all posted. I am not complaining that’s for sure. It has been such a great season for catching fish and big fish that the word is definitely out that there is a bite going on out of Rocky Reef Resort.
The bait of choice seems to be big fat heads or rainbow minnows on a colored hook and large shinners if you can find them. The hook of choice seems to be the glow and the pink in a size 6 to 8 are working well from what I have heard from most that are catching numbers of fish. It seems as though 25 ft. of water just off of the structure is a good starting depth no matter which structure you are fishing, then move out deeper from there. I have never seen so many wheel houses in my life going out of here this season. It looks like an Ice Castle convention out there at times.

Brad Hawthorne’s Guide Service – Mornings and evenings are the best times to cash in on walleye, that 26-32 ft is best either on mud or gravel. A sure sign of mid season is perch, we are starting to see more and more of them as we move farther into the season. I’m not saying we’re filling buckets but they’re starting to show up so be ready when they do. Have those down sized rigs ready to go. If you’re marking fish but not catching on the bigger walleye spoons, most of the time those marks are greasers or perch so give them what they want. I know I sound like a broken record so I’ll keep this short, the perch VMC tingler spoon is once again my top bait for this week. Don’t forget the tip-ups or dead sticks they will without a doubt get you through the slower days and the mid day lull. 3-5 inch suckers and shiners set 6 inches to 3ft off the bottom is the way to go.


It’s not always about the fishing though.  There’s always good food and drink along with friendly games on the Xbox or cribbage. What a problem to have…your dinner or Xbox game interrupted by a fish biting!