Fishing & Ice Reports from Around the Lake (from websites and/or Facebook):

(12-4) On Thanksgiving day, we cruised around the lake and counted well under 100 houses (mainly spear houses) on Mille Lacs. Most of these were in the bays along the south end. Last weekend the population of houses exploded to many HUNDREDS of houses (still mostly spear houses) scattered along the perimeter of the lake and in the bays! In just those few days, Mille Lacs came alive due largely to something we haven’t seen here since the 80’s, darkhouse spearing. With a limit of 10 northern (only 1 can be over 30 inches) and a notion that this may be the only season that the DNR will allow spearing and/or the 10 fish limit, people are coming out of the woodwork. If you like to spear or if it’s something you always wanted to try, this is your chance. There haven’t been too many guys chasing walleye yet. The ones that are getting out into “walleye water” are doing OK – most in double figures, some even leaving the lake with a couple keepers. Most of the walleye so far are in that same 10-11 inch range that we saw last fall. Based on that, the future looks bright.

Mille Lacs is frozen all the way across. Ice thickness ranges from 7 to 16 inches. There is not much snow on the lake. The surface on the southern 1/3 of the lake is rough – high winds pounded from the N.E. while the lake was freezing over. ATV travel is common and we see more vehicle traffic each day in the south bays. There’s a whole lot of “monkey see-monkey do” going on out there, the safest way to know the ice thickness in any given area is to CHECK IT YOURSELF. Several of the resorts are open to ATV traffic. Some of the resorts have started pulling a few rentals and some of their lighter-weight houses.

(12-4) Fishing Report
Have had folks out spearing and angling for the past 10 days. Seeing lots of fish action – all size northerns including a few trophies over 40”. A few have been out angling for perch and done pretty well. We expect to have more reports as fishermen come up on Friday.
And away we go….
13-14” of good good ice. We’ll be pulling houses up to 12×20 into the bay or Roads A&B.***

Vehicle traffic: All vehicles up to ½ ton pick ups.


(12-3) **Ice Report***
The guys have been on the ice everyday and have been finding pretty consistent ice in the 9″-11″. We staked out to the boot so you are able to get out to flats by 4-wheeler there are spots on the south road that is still thinner ice about 8″ with some big cracks. If your planning on heading out make sure to stop in with bar for newest update

Mille lacs is ahead of schedule this year.

The entire lake being froze over for more than a week, resorts are scrambling to get the chores done as they will be pulling houses soon. The south end will see some resorts allowing 1/2 ton pick-ups and wheel houses this weekend.
The early ice brought out a large number of Spearing fanatics. It’s nice to see so much enthusiasm over the sport.
Most angling has been in the bays, northern and perch activity have been good. We expect to see a better perch bite this year with a good population of 10? fish.
Walleye reports will start to come in this weekend after some anglers hit the big lake with ATV’s, following staked roads from the resorts to the prime time hotspots. This is rare to get out this early and hit some of the good spots before the crowds hit. Look to the mid-depth rocks during the day and try right on top in the evening. No traffic equals shallow walleye bite.

While checking ice conditions today we found 8-10.5 inches of ice out front the resort. We found 10-10.5 in most areas. The 8 inches was found straight south of Knox Point about a mile. This 8 inch area will now need to be monitored.
The crack and pressure ridge area close to shore has been moving with the changes in temperature. We currently have a plywood bridge crossing the crack east of our access on shore.
No fishing reports to mention.

The guys have found a consistent 11 inches all the way to 3 mile. BUT we’ve found cracks with only 7-8 inches that we’re floodin and trying to let heal.
Right now we are only allowing ATV traffic.