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                      Surf & Turf

                     Check out the
                     mountain bike
                     trails at Cuyuna!


                                                    Lake Mille Lacs is recognized as one of the 10 best
                                                    lakes in the U.S. for kite-boarding. Hogsback at Reddy
                                                   Creek boasts the mighty winds that bring sailing
                                              enthusiasts from across the country. And when the wind
                                             isn’t bringing its might, get out the bicycles and shred the
                                             red dirt on Cuyuna’s 30 miles of world-class mountain bike
                                             trails, just minutes away—recognized as one of the world’s
                                             20 best destinations for mountain biking.  The Lake Mille
                                             Lacs area has miles of trails for casual riders, too. Get the best
                                             in the U.S.—kiteboarding and mountain biking, all within
                                             minutes. Book a week on the lake to take it all in.
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