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Hit the Trails —

              Summer & Winter!

              Summer ATVing—sweet!
              Head your ATV down Lake Mille Lacs’ ultimate, trail-riding experience—twisting routes deep
              into the woods, technical terrain, the Red Top, and the Soo Line connecting trail. Whether
              you’re solo or with a group, you’ll be on Minnesota’s largest network of ATV/UTV trails. (We’ve
              heard Wisconsin is even jealous of these trails!)

              Snowmobile adventures
              And when snow is in the air, load your sleds for Lake Mille Lacs’ sledding adventures with
              more than 300 miles of picturesque, maintained snowmobile trails. Snowmobile rentals are
              also available. Check out the maps and get ready to seriously supercharge your ATV and
              snowmobile experience!

                                                                                            Check out the online
                                                                                            trail maps for ATVs
                                                                                            & snowmobiling!
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