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Legendary Fish ing Adventures

                           Big lake. Huge ice fishing.

                           Tremendous spearing.

                           There’s nothing like relaxing in a cozy ice house on Lake Mille
                           Lacs, waiting for a lunker to nibble on your hook. And on Lake
                           Mille Lacs, another fun way to catch fish in the winter is darkhouse
                           spearing. Whether you prefer ice fishing or spearing, you’ll enjoy
                           fishing year-round here. It’s even easy to rent houses with set up,
                           outfitting, and more—even ice house cabins with all the comforts
                           of home. Ice fishing and spearing are a rite of passage around
                           here. And on Lake Mille Lacs, it’s about as good as it gets.

                   Reserve your
                   ice fishing

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