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The Monsters of

        Lake Mille Lacs

        Four trophy fish. One lake.  Where else do
        you have the ability to catch four trophy fish
        of different species? Many lakes boast one
        or two, but on Lake Mille Lacs, we have the
        monsters—walleye, muskie, northern pike,
        and smallmouth bass. They have lots of
        room to grow because Lake Mille Lacs
        is more like an inland sea, covering
        more than 200  square miles.  Spend a
        week or two on Lake Mille Lacs and try
        your luck at catching the trophy-sized
        monsters. Your fishing buddies will spend a
        lifetime trying to match your results.

 Smallmouth Bass

                                                                                            Have a blast
                                                                                            going after our

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