Appeldoorn’s Sunset Bay Resort on 1/27/2016 – We received 5-6 inches of snow Monday into Tuesday morning putting a fresh coat on the snowmobile trails.  Ice fishing is in full swing as we have 22 – 24 inches of ice in our area. We currently have roads to Doe Island Reef, Nessler’s, 2 Mile, Hennepin and Granny. All roads are plowed and open.  We do have rentals available for this weekend and select dates thru the end of the season.

Rocky Reef Resort on 1/26/2016 – It was a great weekend to be on the pond. The fishing was a little slower with all of the traffic but people did ok on the bite. There were lots of fish in the 15 to 17 inch range and a few fish in the 26 to 28 inch range. We did get about 6 inches of snow last night into today. The winds are starting to pick up out of the N.W. at 15 to 20 mph. It will be a little bit of work to get everything plowed off for the weekend with this wind.
There were some nice perch caught out on the humps in 28 ft. of water on wax worms and a small jig. That is a great sign, we have not had much for perch action in the past 3 years, so it is great to see that they are making a little comeback out there. I do have houses available for this weekend so give us a call and we will get it set up for you. We have over 18 inches of ice so you can drive just about anything right now.

badbridgeTwin Pines Resort on 1/26/2016 – The biggest, badest bridge on Mille Lacs is out.  Had some great perch and walleye action over this last weekend.

Lyback’s Ice Fishing on 1/26/2016 – Monday we received about 4 inches of snow and this week temps are remaining warm with more chances of precipitation of one form or another.   So our ice making weather is over and in the long range doesn’t look like much like cold anymore.  Currently the average depth is about 16? which typically is not much for this time of year.
The bite was slow yesterday for most out there.  Some anglers that had been using cameras went out and then came back in an hour or so as the snow cover “darkened” the deep water to  a point where they did not work well.  The shallower water was almost the same.  Anglers had activity but it definitely was a change.

Chapman’s Mille Lacs Resort on 1/26/2016 – Our guide trip over the weekend took home a batch of perch for dinner. Lots of little ones to weed throught but if you have the patience you can take home a meal.  Northern action seemed to be slower than I thought it would especially with the arrival of the warmer weather.  A few walleyes were caught mostly in the early morning.  Ice thickness is an average of 16+” and we got 4+” of new snow.

Eddys Resort on 1/26/2016 – We have 14-18” of ice. Fishing was steady all weekend with some nice catches of jumbo perch. Fishermen were also catching walleyes, and a few of them fell within the slot. Overall there was lots of action.  The spear houses were seeing some nice Northerns, but found that it helps to use decoys.

Mac’s Twin Bay Resort on 1/25/2016 – We are out to Hennepin, which is about 3½ miles out. We have roads heading south and several off Hawkbill. Each heads north and south about a mile. Vehicle Traffic all good.  Private houses all good.  Wheel houses all good.  Rental houses all available.  Fishing reports were good over the weekend. Seemed a bit slow Friday night, but rest of weekend was productive. One group had over 100 perch with about 25 keepers. A few others went through many smaller walleyes including that 13-16” range and still had a few keepers and some big fish, too. All the fish are still looking nice and fat and healthy.  General Ice conditions: Roads are plowed Hennepin with about 18” of ice on the roads. Off the roads, ice varies from 14” – 20.”