There’s a reason why Mille Lacs is known as a top fishing destination. Actually, there are a lot of reasons.

  1. Legendary
    Lake Mille Lacs is the 2nd largest lake in the State of Minnesota and is a legendary big lake fishing destination.
  2. Many Species
    LakeMilleLacs_SmallmouthBass6298Just because the walleye is the state fish doesn’t mean it is the only thing to fish for in Lake Mille Lacs. Mille Lacs is also home to smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, muskie, crappie, bluegill, perch, and tullibee.
  3. Big Fish
    No where else in the state do you have the chance of catching a Grand Slam of BIG fish in a weekend. Mille Lacs has trophy walleye, trophy bass, trophy muskie and trophy northern. Many locals believe the next state record Muskie will come from Mille Lacs.
  4. Ease of Access
    There are numerous public accesses surrounding the lake as well as resort accesses that charge a minimal fee to launch and/or dock your boat.
  5. Accommodations
    LakeMilleLacs_CharterFishing6546There are many guides and launch charter services on the lake. These people make their living by providing anglers with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable Mille Lacs fishing experience, and they do a great job at it. Check them out.
  6. Ice Fishing
    Fish don’t hibernate in the winter, so why should anglers? With all of the high-tech equipment and comforts of home available for ice fishing today, there’s no reason to not head out on Mille Lacs’ frozen waterway in winter.
  7. Tournaments
    Mille Lacs will host numerous fishing tournaments throughout 2015. These events range from local resort fishing derbies all the way up to professional touring walleye and bass circuits. With those options, a competitive angler can’t go wrong.
  8. Fishing Diversity
    Mille Lacs spans over 132,000 surface acres and slightly more than 200 square miles. The north half of the lake contains most of the lakes mud flats, the southern portion of the lake offers more gravel and rock bars. All sides of the lake offer some shallow reef-top fishing.
  9. Getting Away from It All
    100_1096Whether your idea of getting away involves a week long excursion or an after-work fishing outing, Mille Lacs has you covered. Get out there for some drag-screaming R&R.
  10. Northern Hospitality
    Up North is so close yet a world away. Only 90 miles north of Mpls/St. Paul you can experience “Minnesota Nice” firsthand. Go ahead, start planning your fishing trip to our inland sea known as Mille Lacs!